Newbury - Runner Entry

Newbury Showground, Berkshire

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Pure Gym


The ultimate thrilling zombie 5k run is coming! You need to survive not only our crazy 5k inflatable obstacle course but at the same time, evade the Zombie apocalypse on the way to the finish line!

Survive our crazy 5km inflatable course!

You will be given a tag belt with 3 lives before you set off to complete our insane 5k run packed with humongous inflatable obstacles.

Evade the Zombies along the route!

If that was not enough… zombies have occupied the area between the obstacles. After each obstacle you will need to stay safe by evading and dodging our tag thirsty zombies, who crave your 3 lives. 

Will you finish infected or be a survivor?

Your aim is to survive by getting to the finish with one or more lives still intact. Do so and you will be a true survivor… fail and you will be ‘Infected’. Have you got what it takes?


Zombie Entry Bundle

You can also enter as a Zombie on the same day for an extra £5, simply select “Zombie Entry Bundle” when you book. You can choose a morning, afternoon or full day zombie session depending on how much infecting you want to do! 

Example: If your wave time is in the morning then an afternoon Zombie session would be best.

For more details on Zombie entry, please see the Zombie Entry Page.

Zombies must be 18 years or over.


Free pass with the UK’s number 1 - over 150 gyms nationwide

Every participant gets a FREE Pure Gym 7 day membership pass included with their entry.

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Start Wave Availability

Runners are set-off every 15min. Be sure to enter the same wave time if you want to run with friends or family!



Finish line goodies!

Everyone who takes part in the inflatable 5k gets a medal.


The survivors role

You will be running the 5K with three Tags attached to a belt.

Your goal is to overcome the obstacles and survive to the finish with at least one Tag remaining on your belt (There will be one "Tag Reload" station about halfway through the course).

The course will be clearly marked with signs and cones.

When you approach clearly marked "Infected Zones" be prepared for Zombies to attempt to pull your Tags (make sure that your Tags are accessible to the zombies, no hiding them or altering them in any way. You protect your flags by running and dodging).

Please note: Zombies have been instructed to use "good judgment" and common sense when chasing Survivors. For example, if you are running with your young children, they will be less ferocious.



A few rules to follow..

While the very fate of humanity lies in your ability to run, jump and overcome the perilous course before you, there are a few rules to follow to help make your mission a success.

  1. You will be issued with 3 Tags as your lives but Zombies will try to take them from you. If needed you can restock at the recharge station along the course route. They will restore 1 Tag (life) and have you back on your way in search for the Finish and safety.
  2. The flags must be worn around the waist, with the flags hanging behind you.
  3. You must not push or physically touch any of the Zombies as you try to avoid them on the course.



Venue Location

Newbury Showground



RG18 9QZ

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